Topical Fluoride Application

What is a Topical Fluoride Application?
Fluoride increases resistance to decay through chemical bonds in the tooth structure.
This procedure involves the local application of fluoride in a gel form to the teeth, making use of the enamel strengthening ability of high-concentration fluoride.

How is it Applied?
The topical form is applied in clinical practice. Topical applications may be in gel, foam or varnish forms. It has been scientifically proven that systemic applications are not as effective as topical applications. Fluoride applications are initiated from the age of 3 in children.

Teeth are dried using air. Fluoride varnish is applied to lower and upper teeth, respectively. Excessive saliva and varnish are suctioned using a saliva suction pump.

It has been scientifically proven that the application of fluoride to the surface of teeth provides high resistance to decay.

Is Fluoride Harmful to Children?
The dose and mode of application used in child patients does not cause any harm, but rather strengthens the dental enamel and provides resistance to decay.

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