Botox Applications for Masseter

What is Botox?
This is a botulinum toxin that is derived from a bacterium belonging to the Clostridium genus in nature that creates a controlled muscle spasm.

How Long does the Effect of Botox Last?
At the application site, the effect lasts for six months and can be noticed visibly within 3–7 days of application.

What are its Applications in Dentistry?
Bruxism can these days occur due to stress, causing damage to hard and soft tissues in the mouth. Botox applications into the masseter muscle prevent grinding and clenching of the teeth, thereby eliminating the forces and destructive effects on the teeth.

The excessive functioning of the masseter muscle can cause the appearance of the lower part of the face to change, resulting in a square-shaped look. The application of botox weakens the masseter muscle that is responsible for teeth grinding, leading to a smaller jaw and a slimmer face, esthetically.

Other than in Dentistry, it is used for migraine treatment, for the removal of wrinkles caused by the mimic muscles and excessive sweating treatment.

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