Digital Smile Design

What is Smile Design?
A smile is a person’s ability to express their feelings through the shape and movement of their teeth and lips, and is an indicator for person’s happiness. An esthetic smile can be achieved through the harmonization of facial and dental structures.

Today, people seek a unique smile that is consistent with their physical features and personality, in addition to an oral and dental structure that is compatible both biologically and functionally.

What are the Advantages of Smile Design?
This practice, which is described as Digital Smile Design, involves the analysis of the patient’s facial and dental proportions via special computer-based design programs using measurements, photos and videos taken before starting treatment, and aims to present/demonstrate the outcomes of the planned treatment to the patient.

This technique allows patients to form an opinion on the treatment outcome prior to any procedures, and helps them in their decision making process. Smile design is a multidisciplinary approach involving several procedures carried out together.

What Procedures does Smile Design Involve?
The procedures performed in this context include gingival esthetics, bleaching, replacement of missing teeth with implants or prostheses, porcelain laminate applications, zirconium applications and orthodontic treatments.

Smile design also utilizes medical esthetics procedures. A smile can be further enhanced with botox and dermal filling treatments applied to the lips and face.

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