Impacted Tooth Extraction Operations

An adult has 32 teeth, and every tooth has a distinct function. If the size of the mouth is not sufficient for the eruption of 32 teeth, the wisdom teeth, consisting of four teeth across both jaws cannot erupt into the dental arch. This applies also to the maxillary (upper) canines.

What Happens if a Tooth Fails to Fully Erupt?
If a tooth fails to fully erupt, it will be positioned in the jaw in two ways: being embedded only in the soft tissue (mucosal retention), and embedded in the jaw bone (bone retention).

Does an Impacted Tooth Cause Pain?
An impacted tooth can cause abscess and pain in an acute state. If it reaches an acute state, surgical extraction is required. If not treated, a resorption of the jawbone due to cyst and tumor may occur.

Is there a Long Recovery Period after Surgery?
Sutures are placed after surgery, and removed after one week. At this time, there may be pain and restricted jaw movement. Surgery is supported with medical treatment, and complaints usually go away after one week.

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