Esthetic (Composite) Filling

What is Esthetic Filling?
This is a composite filling in the natural tooth color that can be easily shaped, hardened with halogen light and chemically bond to the tooth. The improved sense of health and esthetics among patients has increased the significance and development of esthetic fillings.

Why is Esthetic Filling Required?
Filling treatments aim at regaining lost function by completing the lost tooth structure. The main goal in this regard is to have fillings with a natural tooth style in terms of shape and color, and unidentifiable filling margins, and to make the patient feel like it is his/her own tooth.

What are the Areas of Application of Esthetic Fillings?

  • Esthetic fillings are applied for: The repair of broken and decayed teeth
  • Treatment of permanent discolorations of the teeth
  • Closure of spaces between teeth
  • Dental crown lengthening
  • Smile design through dental reshaping.

Is Esthetic Filling Durable?
In the past, metal fillings were believed to be more durable and functional, but with the development of technologies, the material content has been strengthened, and a much more durable, esthetic and healthy structure can be achieved than with metal fillings.

Does Esthetic Filling Have an Expected Life?
As long as routine oral hygiene is continued, there will be no deformation in esthetic fillings, and no spacing or leaking. During six-month control visits, your esthetic fillings are treated and re-polished, leading to prolonged life. In brief, the life of a filling is related to one’s oral hygiene.

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