Zirconia Applications

What is Zirconia?
This is a white alloy used instead of gray metal, and is a structural material used for traditional porcelain bridges and prostheses.

What are the Esthetic Advantages of Zirconia Teeth?
The enamel of healthy teeth fully transmits light. Metal, as the structural material in traditional porcelain veneers, provides an opaque look to the teeth that can cause the teeth to appear dull and unnatural.

Zirconia veneers provide a near-natural look and flawless esthetics due to its light transmittance feature. It has no metal reflection underneath, and so does not create the unnatural look that can occur with porcelain veneers with metal structures.

Do Zirconia Teeth Change Color?
Due to its surface properties, being a smooth and slick porcelain, no plaque accumulation occurs, and so it is unaffected by foods that can give color, such as coffee and tea, or smoking. The color at the time of application is retained.

For How Long Can Zirconia Teeth be Used?
With daily and routine oral care and regular control visits, they can be used for a long time, unless affected by trauma.

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