Invisalign (Braceless Orthodontic Treatment)

What is Invisalign (Braceless Orthodontic Treatment)?
This is a braceless orthodontic treatment for the correction of teeth through customized transparent plates, involving digital design technologies.

What are the Advantages?
The main advantages and reasons for opting for the Invisalign treatment is that it cannot be understood that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. There are no visible braces or rubber bands inside the mouth.

Is it Applicable to Every Age Group?
Invisalign can be applied to adults, young people and children, i.e. every age group.

What is the Treatment Process? Does Treatment Take Long?
After treatment planning, white transparent plates are fabricated for the patient. Each series has transparent plates that are to be used before proceeding to the next plates.

The number of transparent plates may vary, depending on personal applications. An average of 18–36 plates are used for mandibular (lower jaw) and maxillary (upper jaw) treatments. This means a treatment period of 9–18 months, depending on the individual case.

How Often are Control Visits Required?
During monthly control visits, transparent plates are given by your doctor, and these plates are used and changed periodically.

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