Correction of Crowded Teeth (Orthodontics)

What is Orthodontic Treatment?
This is a specialized dentistry field that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of crowded teeth and malpositioned jaw relations.

Why do teeth become crowded, and how is the condition treated?
If the size of teeth and the size of jaw are incompatible, the teeth may be aligned in a crowded or scattered way on the jaw. In the event of such dental or skeletal conditions, orthodontic treatment approaches are applied to bring the teeth back to ideal alignment and occlusion.

Is it possible to have orthodontic treatment at all ages?
There is no age limit to orthodontic treatment. However, the planning and duration of treatment may vary with age. Recently, adult orthodontics have witnessed increasing prevalence. The minimization of esthetic concerns, especially through porcelain brackets and transparent plates, can make positive contributions to the social lives of individuals.

Is it possible to brush your teeth while wearing braces?
After the placement of braces, teeth can be brushed as easily as before. There are no risks for breakage or removal through toothbrushing. However, brushing should be made a little more carefully, as more detailed cleaning is required. Specially designed orthodontic brushes and interdental brushes may be recommended.

What should I pay attention to after brace placement?
Hard foods that could break the braces should be avoided. Hard foods, such as apples and pears, should be eaten not by biting, but by cutting into small pieces. Fizzy drinks and sugary foods like gum and Turkish Delight should be avoided.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?
Treatment is completed in an average of 18–24 months. The more the cooperation between the orthodontist and the patient, the higher the success of the treatment.

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