What is Root Canal Treatment?
This is the saving of a tooth through an intervention into the pulp (nerve), as the innermost part of tooth, in such cases as deep cavities, requirements due to certain restorations, broken or fractured teeth , and trauma.

Which Conditions may Require Root Canal Treatment? 

  • Deep cavities or teeth damaged by trauma
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold stimulants
  • Sensitivity to touch or chewing
  • Tooth discoloration, swelling

Are Root Canal Treatments Painful?
A painless process can be achieved through the use of modern techniques. Sensitivity decreases and goes away within a few days of treatment.

How Long is the Treatment, and will there be Pain Afterwards?
Treatment is usually completed in one or two sessions. Symptoms may recur months or even years after a successful root canal treatment. In such cases, the tooth can be saved with a further root canal treatment again. When endodontic treatments prove to be insufficient, the teeth can be treated with Endodontic Surgery (resection).

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