Do Not Hide Your Smile – Bleaching

What is Bleaching?
Bleaching (teeth whitening) is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to remove enamel discolorations resulting from several causes on the surface of the teeth.

Such stains are unremovable, having penetrated the teeth. Staining may occur due to smoking, colored drinks like tea and coffee, structural defects of the teeth, medications used in childhood, old fillings and excessive fluorine intake.

How is Bleaching Performed?
By protecting the gums, tongue and lips, the mouth is isolated from saliva, and organic and inorganic gels are applied to the surface of the teeth. The procedure results in a few shades of improvement in tooth color. It is applied to natural teeth.

Do Teeth Revert Back to their Original Color?
This may happen in some cases. A lack of oral hygiene or heavy smoking may cause teeth to revert back to their original color.

Is Bleaching Harmful?
After Bleaching, patients may develop temporary tooth sensitivity for the first three days, but there are no long-term complications (harmful effects).

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